About Us and Contact

About Us and Contact

Domus Felina Savannahs

Our breeding grounds DOMUS FELINA (lat. Cat House) is registered in TICA (international cat association). We breed the exotic-looking domestic savannahs cats.

We breed savannahs because we love them very much.

We think they are the prettiest and the most wonderful cats.

Only because of our breeding program and our hard work we breed the best quality exotic-looking kittens. All cats live in the same place where people live and are fully socialized. We are very happy to participate in breeding and developing the Savannahs breed and are very proud of contributing to this remarkable breed.

Savannah contribute to preserving wildlife !

We are keeping cats for about 20 years now. When we purchased a Russian Blue cat in 2002, we became even more interested in various breeds, in the life of the kittens, in the exhibitions.

When we purchased a Russian Blue cat inOnly now it is possible to realize the childhood dream - to have a big exotic-looking cat thanks to the breeders of the world. It was a savannah.

The first F2B savannah with a very big percentage of serval’s blood was in Lithuania in June 2007. It is the first savannah in Lithuania. It arrived from the breeding grounds in Germany, the first savannah breeding grounds in Europe, registered in TICA. Its parents are: female-the first F1 savannah in Europe, which arrived from the breeding grounds in USA, one of the first one to breed savannahs, male: F4 from Canada, very rare because most of the F4 generations savannahs are infertile. Our expectations came true – it really was exotic.

Savannah contribute to preserving wildlife !

Our Cats and Kitten in our breeding grounds are raised in the same area with people and are fully socialized, they know how to behave in toilets, are not afraid of and can play with children.

We collaborate with the most renowned Europe's (Kiwanga, Akimba etc.) and American breeding grounds and breeders.

They can be given to another home not earlier than 12 weeks (3 months) with:
 Implanted international identity microchips;
 Grafted with all necessary grafts;
 With EU VET passports;
 With documents proving the breed.
Our kittens can reach other countries.
DOMUS FELINA doesn’t declave kittens, because it’s unnatural and antihumane.
No Declaving!

Savannah contribute to preserving wildlife !
We love Savannah Cats

Savannah is a wonderful, graceful, playful, big domestic cat with a domestic cat character. It’s very intelligent and affectionate.

We love innovation

Savannah cat breed is one of the newest and the most interesting domestic breeds in the World.

We love challenges

Savannah kittens – it is a real challenge. This is our great joy, because it’s really hard and do not always come.

We Are Members Of

TICA (The International Cat Association),
SVBS (The Savannah Breed Section),
SVCC (Savannah Cat Club),
Felidae Cat Club e.v. (EU, Germany),
Lithuanian Felinology Association “Bubaste”,
signed for voluntary responsibility breeder program,
signed breeder’s ethics code,
FIFE (Federation Internationale Feline)

Domus Felina News !!!

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You can come with us to see the available kittens.

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Our Contact

If you are interested in savannahs or other information please contact us by phone or email. A response to your letters will be given as soon as possible.

Tel: +370 610 05205 Armedas Kavaliauskas
Tel: +370 698 37827 Gailina Kavaliauskienė
Email: domusfelina@gmail.com
******** info@savannah.lt
******** armedas@savannah.lt