Khyan F5C

Khyan F5C


Akimba Khyan is a F5C savannah breed cat. It is the first savannah male cat in Lithuania.
was born in 11-14-2007.

It’s parents and grandparents are savannah. Parents: female savannah Kira from one of the first savannah breeding grounds in USA, male Machui jr. was already born in Europe, Austria though its origins are is from USA. It’s great great great grandfather is a serval Cheetahe from USA, one of savannah’s breed father in the world.

Khyan ( the little king ) is a big cat. Currently he weighs about 7kg. Its fur is light bronze with dark brown spots all over the body.

It is very gentle, although strong and powerful, likes fondling very much is cautious, smart, intelligent cat. It can open doors, turn the light on, jump onto a cupboard in one big jump.

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Created by Domusfelina | 17th November 2016 | Our Savannah Studs

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