Savannahs Care

Savannahs Care

Domus Felina Savannahs
Savannahs Care

Taking care of Savannah is almost the same as any other short-haired cat.

Due to its especially active lifestyle, the first generations’ F1-F3 Savannah needs a bit more space than the usual room. A small flat definitely won‘t do, it needs bigger apartments. Maybe that‘s why savannah is an elite cat, called the Rolls-Royce of cats. And remember – especially first generations F1 – F3 Savannah cat is definitely not for everyone. The best solution for keeping a savannah would be a house. A little enclosure for breathing fresh air, hearing the birds sing would be a very good addition. Though the first generations‘ savannahs don‘t need all this and can perfectly live like any other cats.

Remember: savannahs are very agile, curious and friendly cats. Company is necessary for them.
They will always be with you whatever you do. If you are cleaning the house, savannah will understand it as a game and do it with you. If you‘re watching TV in the evening, savannah will be with you, probably put its head on your legs and will also watch TV together with you. If you‘re taking a bath, savannah will sit on the edge of the bath and watch the water and will want to bathe together with you.
Also a savannah will sleep near you when you‘ll be taking a ride with a car.
But if you go on vacation savannah will miss you very much, will be sad and wait for you. It is possible that the people, who will be watching your house, won‘t manage to find it because it will be very well hidden.

You cannot take it for a stroll without a leash if you want to avoid tragic results because people can easily mistake the Savannah to a wild cat.